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(UN)SATISFACTION is a trimestrial magazine
focusing on the reality behind consumerism.

We are more than used to seeing the impact of consumerism in our daily life. Ads everywhere, new articles on fashion websites everyday… It’s very common for someone to tell you they bought the latest phone, or a new dress at low price. But, those pleasure of our daily life are just the immersed part of much deeper problems. The publication focus on a different topic in each issue, exploring how our society is ruled by norms and standards that force us to fit into a shape that we don’t want to conform to.

 The aim of (UN)SATISFACTION is talking about this in a critical & informative
way focusing on major issues that our society needs to resolve.

The magazine follows a simple layout to give prominence
to the visual content and show it in a friendly way.

The magazine focuses on three main topic through the different issues: Fashion, Social Media and food. The content inside the magazine is divided in three parts: SHOW, FOCUS, FIND. Each one of the parts  is identified with a color and a shape from a complex form to a simpler one, making the metaphor of the message transmitted.