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Explore the psychology behind how music and our senses, memories and emotions are intertwined.

Music is much more than a mere source of entertainment. It holds power over our feelings, moods, memories and behaviour.

In today’s day and age we are so used to being constantly entertained and stimulated. Our average attention span is lower than ever. New singles are constantly being released and platforms such as Spotify make music accessible to us anywhere and at any time, and Unmuted aims to take a step back, a take deep breath and look for that genuine connection and appreciation.

With new topics every week, we invite the viewer to reflect upon how music makes them feel different types of ways. We want to start conversations and facilitate real connections through a common love for music. The viewer can also enjoy a new playlist released every week put together by the user’s uploaded songs. Each playlist has its own mood or feeling and is a collection of songs that users relate to that.