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Expanding sex

Pornography is the biggest representation of sex in our lives. This huge industry is however dominated by male gaze. And this reflects in our society. Sexuality is not just about health and reproductivity. It folds an endless amount of extraneous material into itself. It is imaginative, conceptual, fantastical and rife with culture. Ungaze is the locus for transforming the ills and anxieties about our sexual culture, expanding our concept of sexuality by intertwining porn with daily topics and everyday life. We want to deepen, explore and converse with you. We want more porn that makes us subjects of our sexual journeys, pleasure and destinations. More porn that reconciles us with our humanity, along with pleasure and fun. Inclusive, true, educational, equal, good porn.


This is our main product. An actual porn website where you can actually educate yourself while having fun. All our pornographic content is what we call “Ungazed Porn”: diverse, inclusive, aesthetic valuable, and focused on equal pleasure.

Advertising Campaign

How do you get on We spark people’s curiosity by showing stolen moments from everyday life, where sex and other topics meet. The pictures were taken in analog to feel extremely relatable and real.

Newspaper Issues

With these bi-monthly newspaper issues we decided to go even deeper. Each issue will focus on one specific topic (Technology, Jazz, Ballet, Color,…) and we will link this topic with sex and porn. Filled with interviews, articles, explicit content and experimental layouts our newspapers are a fun way to educate yourself about sexuality.

New range of Sex Toys

If sex is a broad concept intertwined with everyday life more than we imagine, we propose objects of common use, but with a new function, a sexual function. We ironically invite you to rethink their use treating them as proper sex toys.