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Breaking Barriers in the Contemporary Art World

Incarcerated artists are working with artists in the free world to pave new ways in the contemporary art space.

Undisclosed is a collective of contemporary artists who hold creative workshops at correctional facilities around the world. The work created during these workshops is featured on our website, a bi-annual publication, and in exhibitions. All art is available for purchase and funds are stored in an account available for inmates upon release.

We believe in second chances and breaking down the barriers to entry in the contemporary art world. We also believe in equal representation which is why you’ll see the backs of the artists’ heads being used throughout our applications- so you can’t differentiate between the artists on the inside and the artists on the outside.



We further explore the concept of hiding and revealing with our editorial publication. The binding is made using french folds (folding A3 spreads in half to create A4 pages and binding the open edges together). All textual content is on the outside and all visual content is hidden on the inside of the folded pages, representative of the beauty that lies within all of us regardless of the social stigmas imposed on some of us.

Artists on the inside take part in the entire process of creating and preparing their artwork for shipment. With the skills learned during our screen printing workshop combined with the use of materials found in correctional facilities, artists are able to create simple and elegant packaging solutions for their artwork.

The posters used to advertise our exhibition also feature photos of the backs of collaborators’ heads. Upon closer look, you can see that the artist on the left is an inside artist while the one on the right is a free world artist.

When you first enter our exhibition space, you’ll notice that it looks like any other art gallery. The art being exhibited was created during the most recent workshop.

Upon entering the second room, you’ll see more artwork along with two rows of cubes placed side by side in the middle of the space. This structure represents both cell blocks and the artists’ studio.

When you step inside, you’ll briefly immerse yourself in the world of either the artist on the inside or the free world artist, as shown in the videos below.