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Un sucio montón de papeles

A book about books that ceased to be books once censored

Un sucio montón de papeles goes through the era of reading censorship during the Franco regime, highlighting the story behind each book or the submissive human lives of this barbarism. In response to oppression, a clandestine network that decided to contribute culture against those who destroyed it.

The Franco regime was a repressive regime of ideological and social exclusion. The repression affected all aspects of Spanish society for almost 40 years. Although political repression is better known, cultural repression based on the burning of publications, censorship and information control was highlighted. The censorship of more than five decades ago is still present in the texts we read today, assuming a difficult cultural barrier to cross.

Each section of this book is supported by real documentation, stories, images and books that allow us to faithfully reconstruct historical memory. Thanks to all those who fanned the fire of memories, these books are still burning today.