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a platform for queer, intersectional voices

Intersectionality: Refers to the interconnected nature of social categorizations (race, class, gender, sexuality, age, religion, ability…) and how these cause overlapping systems of discrimination. Essentially, the more diverse you are, the more oppressed.

Umbrella is a digital archive that seeks equality and acceptance within the queer commu- nity. We base our content and principles around intersectionality: considering how different identities can overlap to create unique and varied experiences. Our goal is to amplify the voices and feature individuals, with intersectional characteristics, who have been pioneers for the queer movement but often are erased due to the white-cis patriarcal system that exists even within LGBTQIA+ spaces. We wish to educate the world, inside and out of the queer community, about the importance of diversifying spaces and recognizing historical and social events that have lead to rights we have today.