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The Power of Survival Through Queer Linguistics

A secret language is not a secret, if everyone knows about it…

Tongue is a book that shines light on how necessary queer linguistics were to protect the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide. Throughout history, many societies have used a myriad of secret signs and symbols to identify themselves to other members of their group, while avoiding detection and danger. However, one can argue none are so intricate as “Lavender Languages”. 

Lavender Languages are coded queer dialects with a goal to protect the lives of the LGBTQ+ community. These languages are used by people that need secrecy for safety, and are influenced by a variety of languages, especially dialects spoken by other oppressed classes. Unfortunately, as they become well-known by those outside of their communities, their purpose is lost. Still, these languages are important parts of our heritage, and deserve to be acknowledged for the safety they once gave queer people and the influence they assert on mainstream languages and slang.