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“Dear Parents, please try to listen and understand.
Dear teens, please try to not be ashamed to talk freely.”

Teenudger is kind, helpful and educational digital platform create to help parents and teenagers to communicate about taboos subjects. Because of the lack of communication between parents and teens, a discomfort, or even a leak gets set up when the time comes to talk about topics such as periods, sexuality, etc.. Our goal is to help, through articles, interviews, videos, etc… to demistify those taboos subjetc and free up speech.

We want from our target to be free
to talk about everything with our platform.

The website and the mobile app are made to work separately, but together as well.The website is more for “learning”, learn more deeply about different subjects through different mediums. The mobile app is more for “sharing”, through quiz and tips, people will learn faster about the topics and will have the possibility to face all the situations.