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We live in a binary world with myopic views of gender and identity. This rigid thinking leaves little space for anyone different and results in discrimination against the queer community.

We believe we need to change the way we think about gender and identity on a societal an individual level. To drive this change, we created Talk.Tank; an organisation that researches identity and advocates for queer equality and visibility, in real life and in digital spaces. Talk.Tank is a space where questions can be asked and discussed, where we work towards more equality for the queer community and changing the common conception of what identity is. Talk.Tank includes a digital archive of content for individuals and professionals to explore identity topics.

A customised booklet of bright beautiful page and detailed insight to complicated topics.

Booklets created to be collected at the TALK.TANK.FESTIVAL for each speaker and workshop.
They are additional content with interviews, and information of the speaker. They are hole
punched so you can bind them together at the end. This results in every attendee taking home
a customised booklet of their TALK.TANK.FESTIVAL experience. .


TALK.TANK.DRINKS are a promotional tool developed for TALK.TANK and a way to spark conversation. They are interactive; you receive the beer with just one layer and then a handful of stickers with thought provoking questions and statements to create your own unique design and initiate conversation.

The festival branding is flexible to the
context of the space, resulting in
unique shapes and contrast.