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Rosa a magazine about life as a woman
— as imperfect as it is

Rosa challenges the ideas in society of what it means to be a 21st century woman. The woman who balances life as a mother, a partner and a hard worker—all while cleaning the house, making ecological gourmet dinners and looking beautiful (but not pretentious) in the process. We dismantle the idea of perfectionism and tell women’s stories. No filter, no retouching, no censoring. The real deal is just good as it is. Rosa is not just about women. It is relevant to women, men, non-binary people and anyone curious to grow as a friend, parent, daughter, son, partner—or just as a person. We invite you to reflect upon how you can be true to your-self, and how you can support others in their choices.

Image credits: Alba Yruela, Sophie Harris-Taylor, Lina Scheynius