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Creatives Taking Politics Into Their Own Hands

How do you take action?

Révolte Magazine aims to highlight how creatives stand for what they believe in by taking political matters into their own hands. In unfair environments, such as work spaces where salary differences are significantly different across gender identities and race, marginalised groups that suffer daily due to systemic discrimination, or countries where politicians enrich themselves at the expense of the public treasury there is a build up of frustrated energy and that is reflected through their art.

In each issue we focus on the powerful voices and brave movements. We hope to bring inspiration to all people to start using their ability to fight for what they believe in, through any expressive form. We hope to bring useful insights and exposure to global issues and injustices, and in a slightly provoking manner, push individuals to think about what change they want to see today, tomorrow, and in their future, for a fairer way of life.