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Cinema, feminism and anything else

Reveladas! is a magazine that collects and welcomes reflection about cinema and audiovisual media from a feminist, anti-racist and transinclusive perspective. Our intention starts from the genuine desire to put into conflict the classic view of how and from where cinema is made.

Laura Mulvey in her essay “Visual pleasure and narrative cinema” (1975) coined the term ‘male gaze’ to speak of the active role that men have had throughout the history of art, created by and for them, where she states the following:

“If we talk about cinema, it is not difficult to think of great Hollywood divas. The muse, who plays the role dictated by the creator, has always had a woman’s face. Now, to know who is in control, we must ask ourselves: Who believes in the cinema? Who determines which creations deserve to be called works of art? In a world of film directors and critics, it’s the men.”

Women have represented 33% in the cinema in 2021 compared to 67% corresponding to men. A worrying number when we are in a time where male-female power relationships (and with it all the gender binary) are being increasingly questioned at the public level.

That’s why we also said:


First issue talks about Mothers, and the different profiles that we can find within the cinema (the bad mother, Almodovar’s mothers…). Second issue Territories, the most experimental magazine, use another gaze from cinema; women who record underwater cinema, home and intimate movies or experiment through their bodies. Our third magazine, Identities, show us the queer world, transsexuality and the lesbian subject in movies.