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Art from the perspective of two morally different artists

The book Otto & Leni reflects the lives of Otto Dix and Leni Riefenstahl, while
also presenting the historical background of their lives and the changes in art.
Not only the artistic change itself is described in detail, but also the restrictions
and rules that were imposed on the artists to guide the art and limit their freedom.
The aim is to illustrate and make understandable the changes in art during
an eventful period. For this purpose, various historical backgrounds, informative
texts, and sample images are used.

We often see art in our lives. Sometimes it is pure entertainment, sometimes it is a historical image that recreates a scene from ancient times, and then again it is a caricature to criticize certain circumstances or to draw attention to them.

The design itself is partly based on the Bauhaus book design of the time to create a connection to this period.

The cover of the book is simple and minimalistic to attract people’s attention and curiosity. The book itself is divided into different sections, which always reflect a historical period. In these sections is a biography part of the two artists, a chronological overview of the era, as well as other information about this time, the art in this and the projects of the artists in this section, included.
The different structure of the parts helps with orientation, as do the page titles above the page numbers.
The book itself is a softcover so that you can easily browse through this book.