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A hub that connects people to build a city free of speculation and rich in values.

High rents and the continuous buying/selling of real estate in Barcelona is driving people out of their neighborhoods. There is an accessible alternative housing model, based on the creation of the community prior to the building and which does not allow for real estate speculation. It is the housing cooperatives.

Hubitat was born as a response to the misinformation and lack of knowledge about this housing model in our country, and the possibility of offering a less conventional alternative that goes beyond sharing common areas: living together based on values and needs.


Its visual identity is based on the “hub” concept, a multipurpose space in which different elements are connected. The important thing is the content, so it should not be a very invasive identity.

As for the verbal identity, it is a brand that speaks in a close and informative way, focusing on the sentimental and non-material part of this housing model.

The graphic symbol is a reference to the distribution of space within the house prior to construction, as if it were an architectural plan.

Rellano es la publicación anual de Hubitat. Se trata de un espacio donde se pone en común cuestiones, posturas y reflexiones sobre diferentes aspectos relacionados con vivir en comunidad.


Esta publicación está dividida en secciones donde se habla de temas de posible interés para el target como: arquitectura, sostenibilidad, conciliación, salud mental, cultura…

An itinerant and interactive stand

One of the most important points in a housing cooperative is the co-design that is carried out between architects and future neighbors. The distribution of space is a differential value with respect to other housing models. This is why the proposal of the environment is focused on talking about this dynamic.

It disseminates this alternative housing model and invites to distribute the platform’s space. The objective is to inform and question people on the street, in the different neighborhoods of Barcelona, how they would like to live.


Losgogo x Hubitat

Through this collaboration between furniture designers and the brand, we also seek to rethink how we decorate spaces. This collaboration gives rise to the assembly and enjoyment of furniture to enjoy in common spaces as green.