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Harmony between nature, art and technology

Over time, human beings have been incorporating different elements of the Earth to give life to their artistic creations. Bardana invites you to reflect on nature as part of that source of inspiration.

On a bright morning, I was walking with my dog through a meadow not far from my home. It was 8:39 am and the breeze carried strange elements that embedded themselves in the skin of my faithful companion. Peeking through his fur, I discovered tiny thorns that were difficult to remove.

My journey took me back home, curious to discover the workings of that exotic body. Six months later, thanks to that cloudless morning, that gentle wind, the beginning of a new discovery had just emerged; Velcro was able to firmly join two pieces, just as the Bardana united nature with the human being eternally that morning.

Bardana’s story is one of many that includes nature as an inspiration to create art, technology or any other functional aspect. We want to show how the human being and Earth coexist and face each other every day to give life to everything that we find in our present, two parts that can function separately but together can be unique; human and nature. We invite you to get to know and explore either of these two sides and contribute to the development of the project.