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What does it mean
to be present?

The boundaries between the Physical and the Digital
are more and more blurred

The impact that smartphones have on our lives in enormous. Internet access has become more democratic, and in 2022 almost 85% of the population owns a smartphone. In this short period of time, the easy and constant access to this technology has been changing the way we experience space and time, and our behaviour as humanity. Today our phones have become an expansion of our minds, and our project aims to express and explore this reality, recognising that the Digital and the Physical are both real life, and we can navigate between them using our attention. We developed an operational system that supports the phone as part of ourselves, presenting the boundaries and connections between the Physical and the Digital.

Since the phone is the gate between the digital and the physical we created a seem less experience to the user, taking them trough the flow of his day and his presence in both worlds.

AtBook: Expansion of the Mind
A guide for living in the present


We designed Expansion of the Mind to present the philosophical ideas behind AtOS. The book has the proportion of a phone, and remind us the way we hold our devices, but it has the physical touch, showing the human element in technology and bringing ideas from the Digital to the Physical. In the book we collaborated with others to present original content explaining our conclusions in both text and visual ways.

Extension of the Body





And because we are becoming more and more attached to our phones, we designed HandMe,
a jewellery-case that connects your phone to your hand. HandMe was printed in 3d print,
engaging with the Digital to Physical blurred boundaries.

We can not look back

A special thanks to the amazing people who helped creating this project:
Giulia Serafico, Alena Lorea, Abel Hernandez, Nikufer Akcanbas, Alan Mayorga, An Car