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Media representation of inequality has been sensationalistic and present an idealized version of reality; representing communities in a conveniently stylized and even disturbing way, which led us to ask ourselves the question: is this the way these communities want to be portrayed?

Alter is a collective that through photography aims to explore topics of inequality and oppression. It explores different ways in which inequality is photographed for a more dignified and respectful one and aims to create a safe space where different oppressed communities can decide how to be represented.

How are we going to do that?

Creating a digital platform where the different marginalized communities can get informed and challenge the way in which we are used to representing inequality through photographic challenges that seek to reflect and motivate to take more conscious photos.

We decided to take over places in the city, setting them graphically for the user’s enjoyment but at the same time creating a contrast between the chosen photo and the environment in which they are interacting.